Public Installation - 8 meter flag pole with polyester flag



Another World is a public intervention that plays on the notion of a universal flag for a borderless state. The flag is a physical representation of the text-based smiley emoticon that is used by millions of people around the world. By reappropriating this popular symbol we all share through digital culture the work creates a playful dialogue that bridges the virtual with the real. Through this simple gesture the flag provides an alternative to national and regional flags by offering a reimagined collective identity. One that transcends geographical location and goes beyond language celebrating a shared history that focuses on what positively unites us rather than what divides us through the power of communication.

The flag was flown as a greeting flag for the duration of the festival - welcoming visitors, tourists and members of the general public to Frequency 2017- A digital arts and culture biennial based in Lincoln, engaging those that encountered the installation to the theme of disPLACEment.

Flag name: TypeFace
Motto: Happiness through Communication
Ratio: 2:3









































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