Gabriel - 2011
(Reclaimed Negative)


FaceDeptford is a portrait project by Karl Ohiri & Riikka Kassinen that aims to document the vibrant community of Deptford. The face of Deptford is ever-changing, caught in a rapid state of gentrification that has seen many locals residents and local buisness being forced out of the area due to rising rents and house prices. It was for this reason that the aritsts felt the need to create a record that documents their community during this time of change, giving the inhabitants and passers-by the opportunity to face the camera and be represented.

"The rate Deptford is changing it's impossible to know who will still be around in the next few years. Studios are closing down and being replaced by coffee shops and many of the small business are being threatened with closure. We don't know how long we will be here for and many of our friends have already moved out. The series of portraits represent a poignant time in the areas history, one which we felt needed to be documented."

The project was shot on polaroid film and consisted of the sitter keeping the orginal polaroid print and an archival negative being generated via the discarded peal-away part of the film in a process known as 'Goop' - using domestic bleach and washing methods to extract the image.


Updated: The artists moved out of Deptford in 2014





































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