Boxer Boy Circa 1990




The Lagos Studio Archives consists of thousands of 35mm colour negatives that documents Lagos studio portraiture from the 1980s to 2010. The archive represents a large demographic of Lagos inhabitants showcasing a vast range of human emotions from, couples in love to fantasy based projections of the self all played out for the camera.The archive serves as a historical record of Lagos life through a time of social and technological change, highlighting the style, humour and aspirations of everyday Lagosians.

The archive came to the artist's attention in 2015 after discovering that such archives were being destroyed and burnt due to a shift in digital photography. The archives were brought back to the UK in an attempt to prevent further damage to the collection. The archive will take the form of an exhibition and publication offering a rare glimpse into a period of studio portraiture from Nigeria that had previously been neglected.

The Lagos Studio Archive is a collaborative project by Ohiri + Kassinen.






































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