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In 2016 both artists managed to bring back parts of their Grandfather’s cars. For Ohiri this was realised with the piece What Remains – A patchwork triptych made out of fragments of his Granddad’s car and for Sayed it came in the form of the car bonnet, a relic like sculpture that was taken from his Granddad's car as a memento of the past.

However there was still an unfinished dream to fulfil. The My Granddad’s car project started with the desire to park the cars side-by-side on UK soil. This quest was fulfilled when the artists decided to each take a piece of their Grandfather's cars and have them fused together with various other hybrid metals from around the world in a foundry in Sheffield. The resulting piece is an ‘untitled’ sculpture that takes the form of steel ring. The sculpture has come to represent a complex amalgamation of ideas and philosophies that represent a shared journey and merging of personal histories. A journey that not only encapsulates nostalgic memories of the past, but also presents a collective vision of the future.

A collaborative artwork by Sayed Hasan & Karl Ohiri

Sculpture Title: Untitled
Material: Polished Stainless-Steel
Dimensions: 49cm Diameter







































K A R L   O H I R I

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