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Okra Soup     


After my mother passed away in 2012 I moved back into the family home. It was a bittersweet experience for me as the house we once stayed in as a family was filled with so many memories. I would reminisce about my mother cooking from the kitchen, or slowly creeping into her room at night to turn off the TV after she had fallen asleep. Such details form part of the mundane habits and routines of our loved ones that we rarely take photographs of yet become the memories that we cherish the most when they are gone.

Taking on the main character in the frame in my motherís absence, I begin to record such moments. Wearing her clothes and arranging her personal objects I reconstruct fond memories of her that were never documented. The photographic process becomes an attempt to preserve memory, inviting the viewer to question the authenticity of my recollection, performance and identity.

Morning Cigarette (2 of 4)