Centrepiece - 2016

MY GRANDDAD'S CAR PT 2   :  2016

My Granddad's Car is the culmination of an on-going project between Karl Ohiri and Sayed Hasan, exploring notions of migration and heritage, as seen through their relationships with two cars inherited from their respective late grandfathers in Pakistan and Nigeria. The artists separately failed to transport the vehicles back to the UK in 2011 due to the bureaucracy and corruption in the countries they were held in.

Hasan's car remained in Pakistan subject of a legal dispute over ownership while Ohiri's car was held at the port of Onne in Nigeria by a greedy port official. He claimed that the exportation of scrap metal was prohibited and demanded a bribe of 2,000 GBP for its release. When Ohiri refused to pay the ransom the car was impounded. It stayed at the port for a further 4 years until Ohiri learnt of officials death whilst visiting family in 2015. With this revelation the artist travelled back to Onne Port in 2015 and much to his surprise the car was still there. After pleading with the new official the car was released and taken back to his Grandfather's village in Owerri. This dramatic shift in circumstances inspired the artists to once again attempt to unite their Granddad's cars in 2016. In the final instalment of an epic tale the artists travelled together to their respective countries in one last final attempt to unite their Grandfathers cars on UK soil. Experiencing each other's countries for the first time they document their friendship, intimate moments and the challenges they faced in the pursuit of a shared desire.

Using photography, video and sculpture the artists embark on a journey that explores personal narratives and the collective complexities of migration, heritage and the legacies of the disapora.







































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