Sweet Mother brings together a collection of autobiographical works focusing on the artistís mother, which he created over a 5 year period. The exhibition takes its title from the popular 70s song Sweet Mother by Prince Nico Mbarga, which has become a Nigerian anthem used to celebrate motherhood. Using the camera as a tool to reconcile fears, fantasies and desires the artist takes the audience on an intimate journey of love, loss and regrets inviting the viewer into the private space of a mother-and-son relationship while reminding us of its universal relevance.

The exhibition was premiered at Omenka Gallery, Lagos, Nigeria in May 2016 and was funded by the British Council in association with Arts Council England, forming part of the British Councils UK/NIG 2015/2016 Initiative. The exhibition features a catalogue and essay by writer and curator Hansi Momodu-Gordon entitled In Your Absence, I Rehearsed You - 2016.


The Dance You Never Saw Me Dance
Memories of You   
Medicine Man : I'll Take Care of You   




How To Mend A Broken Heart 
The Crucifix              




In My Mother's Clothes