Experimental documentary video that aims to shed light on what daily commuting is like for many of the physically impaired people of Lagos. Primarily shot around the Balogun Market area on Lagos Island the film focuses on an individual that suffers from lower limb loss whose primary method of transport is a self-built ‘skate-board’. The film comprises of two videos that run simultaneously in split screen format. The left video documents the unedited process of the subject constructing his skate-board from Start-to-finish, while the right video documents a first person and second person view of the collaborator navigating the city on his board in a day to night sequence.

Shot exclusively on a GoPro camera worn by the collaborators the video provides a visual perspective of Lagos that is rarely seen. One that brings the viewer literally closer to their world, giving insight into the daily struggles and triumphs of the many people that inhabit Lagos with such disabilities. With many disabled people living and working around the site where the Lagos Biennial was held, the work aimed to connect the local and international audience to an under-represented aspect of everyday Lagos life, prompting a dialogue that questions city planning, government policies and individual empowerment.

The film premiered at the 2nd Edition of the Lagos Biennial 2019 entitled: How To Build a Lagoon with Just a Bottle of Wine?
A review of the Biennial can be read here.

Video Specifications

HD Video
Single channel split-screen or 2 channel
Runtime: 21:46 Sec (Looped)