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After being united back with his grandfathers car against all odds in 2015, Ohiri and Hasan travelled back to Nigeria to bring the car back to the UK in 2016. Ohiri's intention was to travel to the ancient city of Benin and smelt the car into a cube. This action would take the car out of the band of 'scrap metal' which was used as its demise in 2011 and into that of an ambiguous art object.

However, when they got to Benin they quickly discovered that the furnaces were not capable of melting steel and would have to come up with another plan. With time and options running out they transform the car into an art piece by dissecting the car into squares then reassembling it back into three patchwork pieces light enough to transport back to the UK that would go unnoticed by customs.

Fragments of My Granddad's Car
Welded Steel
75 x 75 cm x 3

HD Video - Run Time: 13:30 secs