Another World
Flag | Intervention

A public intervention that plays on the notion of a universal flag for a borderless state.


Lagos Studio Archives
Photography | Archive

35mm negatives documenting Lagos studio portraiture from the 1980s to 2010.


Art Will Survive
Neon | Text

Neon based artwork that playfully comments on the survival of art and its makers.


Melting Pot
Photography | Sculpture

Collaborative sculpture made by smelting metals from both artists Grandfather's cars.


What Remains
Sculpture | Video

Patchwork sculpture made from the remains of Ohiri's Grandfather's car.


When Two Worlds Collide
Photography | Diptych

Macro shots of their Grandfather's cars representing their voyage into new terrains.


A Matter of Perspective
Installation | Photography

Simple installation from everyday objects that form the My Granddad's Car philosophy.


My Granddad's Car Pt 2

The sequel to the epic tale of the My Granddad's Car Project.


My Granddad's Car Pt 1

The journey of two cars belonging to their Grandfather's and a desire to bring them back to the UK.


The Dance You Never...
Video | Performance

A performative video by the artist that deals with the notion of mourning, regret and a lost moment.

Memories of You
Photography | Performance

Photographic portraits that question ideas around gender expression, memory and loss.


Medicine Man
Photography | Portrait

An intimate portrait that explores the boundaries between collaboration and shared experience.


How to Mend a Broken Heart
Photography | Archive

A series of partially defaced family photographs that narrate a story of love, pain and frustration.


The Night I Will Never...
Photography | Landscape

Partially destroyed 35mm image that documents a night the artist will never forget.


In My Mother's Clothes
Photography | Portraits

Photographic portrait series that explores migration and the fluidity of indentity and culture.